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Posted on 28 Nov 2023

Risun ships first coking coal to Indonesia

China’s Risun Group, or Xuyang Group, loaded a shipment of coking coal at Rizhao Port on 24 November, and is preparing to deliver it to PT Risun Wei Shan Indonesia in the near future, Kallanish notes.

The first cargo contains 11,000 tonnes of coking coal, marking “a new chapter of Risun’s Indonesia project in international coking coal imports.” A second shipment of 30,000t will be loaded in December.

Risun also declares that “exporting coking coal from China to Indonesia will become an important part of the global supply chain system for Indonesia's coking project in the future.”

Risun Wei Shan in Indonesia is the first overseas physical manufacturing park built by Risun Group in response to China’s "One Belt, One Road" initiative. The first two coke ovens were put into production on 19 July and 6 November respectively, securing the first shipment of coke delivered to Europe in August. This indicates that one third of the total 4.8 million tonnes/year capacity is now operational.

Risun Group now has a total of 17m t/y of coke capacity, including those commissioned in Indonesia.