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Posted on 19 Dec 2022

Message from the Secretary General: 2022 SEAISI Steel Mega Event & Expo & Upcoming Events in 2023

Over the last year, SEAISI has been writing on the ASEAN steel industry and trends that are impacting. The research work is also expanded to cover issues faced by the ASEAN Steel Industry and presented in various global events. Some of the contents are published in the ASEAN Iron & Steel Journal and some on the SEAISI website.

SEAISI has also expanded its contents to include contributions from SEAISI committees, Technology Suppliers and Experts in the steel industry. 

Most of these contents will also appear in our very own SEAISI events, which brings us to the article today – SEAISI Events.

2022 SEAISI Steel Mega Event & Expo | Technology | Sustainability | Construction |In Malaysia
(14 – 18 November 2022)

This Mega Event is a combined event, that includes:

  • SEAISI Conference & Exhibition
  • ASEAN Sustainability Forum
  • SEAISI Sustainable Construction Forum
  • SEAISI IQ Competition
  • Plant Tours
  • Alliance Steel (largest and most modern integrated steel mill in Malaysia)
  • CSC Steel (one of Malaysia’s largest flat steel producers)
  • Gamuda IBS Centre (one of the largest integrated building precast systems in Malaysia)

This is an in-person event held in the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre, in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

This event focuses on the Sustainable Development in ASEAN Steel Value Chain Post COVID19 lockdowns and will provide some insights of where the world is heading to after all the restriction.


The programme includes:

  • Keynote address from Worldsteel Association and McKinsey & Co.
  • Regional Developments
  • Market/Trade Developments
  • Raw Materials
  • Malaysia Focused Session
  • Technical sessions in 3 parallel sessions including Technology, Sustainability and Construction

The event is about

  • Awareness of trends and markets
  • Education on technologies processes and methodologies
  • Experiential learnings through plant tours
  • Exhibition of technologies
  • Business networking and friendship

It aims to bring together:

  • Government officials from ASEAN
  • Top management & decision makers from the ASEAN Steel Industry
  • Technology suppliers
  • Industry experts
  • Steel industry professionals

We have about 80 experts present­ing over 4 days. So, do sign up soon as the event is around the corner.

2023 SEAISI Conference & Exhibition in Philippines (end May 2023)

In 2023, the SEAISI schedule of events will revert back to normal, starting with the 2023 SEAISI Conference & Exhibition. This event will be held in the Philippines towards end of May 2023.

The SEAISI Conference & Exhibition typically focuses on overall global and ASEAN matters affecting the ASEAN steel industry. It is also a place for technology suppliers to show case their latest technology, especially those that offer energy & cost savings, process improvements, better material quality and lower emissions for decarbonisation.


Do plan for next year’s 2023 SEAISI Conference & Exhibition. SEAISI will post further details after the November 2022 event.

2023 SEAISI Demand Forecasting Event (~Aug / Sep 2023)

In 2021, SEAISI started a regional Demand Forecasting Event, modelled against the Worldsteel Association Economics Meeting. The purpose is to build forecasting capability in SEAISI’s Statistical and Economics Committee together with industry experts from the steel consuming sectors across ASEAN.

In August 2022, this Demand Forecasting event was opened to the public to share the discussions and findings with other external stakeholders.

The event will be back sometime in August / September 2023. SEAISI considering organising this as an in-person event. Venue and other details will be published later, whether this is an in-person or online event.

2023 SEAISI Sustainable Construction Forum & ASEAN Sustainability Forum in Singapore (end November 2023)

Over the last few years, the ASEAN Sustainability Forum focused more on Construction than Sustainability. Two years ago, SEAISI created the Sustainable Construction Forum to focus on the most important steel consuming sector – the Construction Sector. And last year, SEAISI brought back Sustainability into the ASEAN Sustainability Forum.

It was also last year that SEAISI combined both events into the 2021 SEAISI Fortnight e-Event on Sustainability and Construction. That was one of the largest online events that SEAISI organised, with many experts from Europe and around the globe on these two key areas.

Next year, SEAISI is likely to combine both the 2023 SEAISI Sustainable Construction Forum & ASEAN Sustainability Forum to address trends and issues on Construction and on Climate Change efforts.


The event will be held towards the end of November 2023 in Singapore. More details will be published later.

Other SEAISI Events and Activities in 2023

SEAISI is also planning for other events to be held in 2023, such as:

  • IQ Competition
  • Raw Materials and Scrap
  • Others, if applicable

Other SEAISI Events and Activities in 2023

As you may be aware, SEAISI has 3 training sessions every year:

  • Travelling Seminar: Expert speakers will travel to the 7 ASEAN countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam) to share their experiences and skills with ASEAN steel industry personnel
  • Training Programme: ASEAN steel industry personnel will travel to one of the advance member countries for training, which includes hands-on experience
  • Technical Training: Training sessions held in conjunction with the SEAISI Conference & Exhibition, usually during May/June of the year

SEAISI Trainings

Of late, a number of businesses have expressed interest to sponsor training program for the technical people from the ASEAN steel industry. Over the last year or so, SEAISI has collaborated with a number of parties.

Do reach out to us, should you wish to connect with the ASEAN steel industry personnel through collaboration with SEAISI.

Stay Healthy. Stay Safe.

See You at SEAISI Events!