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Posted on 17 Jul 2020

Wenfeng Steel Trials New Casting Machine

Tangshan Wenfeng Special Steel (Wenfeng Steel) has put its new continuous caster into trial production, Kallanish notes. It was constructed by Tangshan Bohai Metallurgy Group.

The project uses high-end technologies such as full-process non-oxidation protection casting and automated flame cutting. The trial produced 250mm round billet, while the casting speed was 1.5-4.5 metres/minute.

The caster will mainly produce 150-310mm round billet, 150mm, 165mm and 180mm square billet, and 165×225mm and 165×280mm rectangular billet, as well as other varieties of steel.

Wenfeng Steel, located in Caofeidian District in Tangshan City, now has the capacity to produce 2 million tonnes/year of iron, 2m t/y of steel and 1m t/y of finished steel. The main products are round billet, extra-thick plate and train wheels.