A Fortnight of Sustainability

Posted on 16 November 2021

The pandemic has shown us its ability to take charge of our health, our lifestyle and our economies. This has led us to rethink how badly we need to change, adapt and be responsible to avoid another pandemic or another pandemic-like disruption in the future, hopefully by creating a system that could help us anticipate risk and to cope with the effects of a crisis through a new way of living. 

We are now talking about climate change, one of the global challenges all of us are facing with alike disruption to our social and economic development when left unaddressed. Managing climate change and the urgency in accessing climate related risk for a sustainable development and practice, will clear us from another mess and holistically guide us to a well-balanced society. A sustainable development will pave the way for us to think wisely for a smart and efficient living.

The South East Asia Iron and Steel Institute in its role as the ASEAN region steel industry representative has a mission to educate and advocate a sustainable development of ASEAN steel value chain, in partnership with global institutions and experts. In November, SEAISI is organising a Fortnight e-Event which consist of a week forum on iron and steel sustainability and followed by another week forum on sustainability in construction industry, the biggest steel consuming sector. The concept of this fortnight e-event is to advocate a holistic approach in sustainability in the entire value chain of the steel industry. The event will cover topic ranging from zero carbon emission, sustainability in technologies and finance, right up to the end user for a low energy and smart buildings. 
In the opening session of the event, the International Energy Agency (IEA) is invited to present a paper on the potential pathways towards a sustainable iron and steel industry. IEA is an international agency that promotes energy efficiency in shaping a secure and sustainable energy future. IEA will be sharing their expertise on how the steel industry would be able to reduce energy consumption and carbon emission while remaining competitive. 

In the same subject matter, the World Steel Association will be presenting their exploration on global perspectives and developments in transforming the steel industry, a high carbon emission industry, for a low carbon future. While steel is important to our modern living, the industry today is already contributing toward a low carbon society and sustainable future.

The event includes invited speakers from various steel federations / association, financial institutions and top steel makers to discuss a holistic approach on the development and implementation of net zero carbon emission plan for a prudent mechanism including financial support. This will be followed by top steel technology suppliers being given opportunities to share their experiences on breakthrough technologies to reduce carbon emission in steel processes while adapting in these new circumstances.

On the 2nd week of the event at the beginning of the session, delegates will have the chance to get the global and ASEAN views on the trend and future of the construction and building industry in the CEO Panel discussion. The CEO Panel will be joined by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), World Steel Association and Obayashi Japan. Delegates will also be updated with the latest development of sustainable construction in 6 ASEAN countries directly from each country steel organisations.
The construction sector as an important part for the sustainable development of steel, is the highlight of this event. The event has dedicated 3 sessions for the construction industry to showcase their best innovations for buildings and one session on the latest steel design and technology for construction. Delegates would also be able to engage with the speakers on subjects related to low energy and low carbon building, digital and smart building as well as safer and strong steel for construction.

For detail information please click to this link https://mailchi.mp/9122af346c70/2021-seaisi-sustainability-construction-fortnight-e-event-11112021 which will update you on the list of invited distinguished speakers  and paper titles for presentation as well as the details of the event. Pandemic or not, the event must go on and SEAISI hopes that this virtual gathering among the ASEAN delegates as well as between regions, will start to inspire awareness to the steel industry together with the construction sector for a sustainable value chain of the entire industry and a sustainable socioeconomic as a whole.

Source : SEAISI