India’s September semis exports plunge, HR flats surge

Posted on 24 November 2021

Indian semi-finished steel exports dropped 12.14% on-year to 548,931 tonnes in September, against 624,750t exported a year earlier, according to Indian commerce ministry data seen by Kallanish.

China was the largest market, registering a 35.12% drop to 174,644t in September. Other major markets included Sri Lanka (78,822t), Italy (78,740t), Indonesia (52,508t), Nepal (41,871t), South Korea (30,526t), the USA (30,024t), Thailand (28,609t), and Kenya (18,118t).

In April-September Indian semis export plummeted 32% on-year to 3 million tonnes against 4.39mt last year. Major importers during the period included China (885,257t), Nepal (527,939t), Indonesia (293,563t), Sri Lanka (248,903t), Italy (246,727t), Philippines (197,661t), Kenya (135,745t), and Taiwan (115,242t).

Indian hot-rolled flat product exports meanwhile grew 14.11% on-year in September to 627,595t.

Vietnam remained the largest importer of hot-rolled flats, with intake surging 154% on-year to 204,248t against 80,335t imported a year earlier. Other major buyers included United Arab Emirates (105,980t), Turkey (53,759t), the UK (47,765t), Nepal (34,715t), Denmark (19,398t), Canada (19,224t), Saudi Arabia (15,665t) and Mexico (15,324t).

In April-September Indian hot-rolled flats exports plummeted 22% on-year to 3.8mt, against 4.86mt. Vietnam was the largest buyer during the period, importing 982,616t, followed by Italy (521,229t), Turkey (460,025t), UAE (424,318t), Belgium (242,267t), and Nepal (150,250t).

Source : Kallanish