U.S. Steel Shipments Surged 37% in July

Posted on 13 September 2021

The monthly steel shipment data published by the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) suggests notable surge during the month of July this year compared with the previous month. Also, the shipments increased modestly over the same month a year before.

According to AISI data, the steel mills shipped 8.279 million net tons in July 2021. This is significantly higher by 37.2% from the shipments of 6.036 million net tons in the same month a year before. The shipments during the month recorded marginal increase by 3.1% from the previous month. It must be noted that the shipments had totalled 8.032 million net tons in the month of June this year.

The report provides year-on-year comparison of shipment volumes of various steel products during the initial seven-month period. The shipments of corrosion-resistant sheet and strip surged higher significantly by 23% from Jan-July ‘20. The shipments of cold rolled sheet surged higher by 17%, whereas those of hot rolled sheet recorded 9% year-on-year surge.

The cumulative shipments by U.S. domestic steel mills totalled 54.249 million net tons during the initial seven-month period of the year. This is significantly higher by 14.8% when matched with the corresponding period a year before. The steel shipments by these mills had totalled 47.254 million net tons from January to July in 2020.

Source : Scrap Monster