Australian anti-dumping report on Vietnamese steel delayed again

Posted on 26 July 2021

Australia’s Anti-Dumping Commission (ADC) has extended the deadline for a report into allegations of dumping and subsidisation of precision pipe and tube steel imported from Việt Nam, China, the Republic of Korea and Taiwan (China), for a fifth time.

The report is now due to be released on or before August 27, 2021.

The ADC on June 1 issued the Preliminary Affirmative Determination on the probe, saying there appeared to be insufficient grounds for the publication of a dumping duty notice and a countervailing duty notice in respect to precision pipes and tubes exported from Việt Nam.

It found no evidence of significantly different prices for raw materials in Việt Nam compared to other Asian countries nor official Government plans to control or otherwise influence Việt Nam’s steel industry.

The ADC said it was also unaware of any intervention by the Vietnamese Government that had affected the normal value of the product.

Dumping margins were found to range from -12.2 per cent to -6.5 per cent among Vietnamese exporters while subsidy margins were determined at only 0 to 0.1 per cent. 

According to statistics from the General Department of Việt Nam Customs, the export turnover of Vietnamese precision steel pipes to Australia in 2019 topped US$15 million. 

Source : Vietnam News