US maintains CVD order on cold-rolled steel flat products from China & South Korea

Posted on 06 October 2021

According to the final result of the expedited first sunset review of countervailing duty (CVD) orders, the US Department of Commerce (USDOC) found that the cancellation of the existing CVD orders on certain cold-rolled steel flat products from China and South Korea would be likely to lead to continuation or recurrence of countervailable subsidies.

The subsidy rate for Angang Group Hong Kong Co., Ltd., Benxi Iron and Steel (Group) Special Steel Co., Ltd., Qian'an Golden Point Trading Co., Ltd., and all other China’s producers and exporters of subject products was set at 256.44%. Hyundai Steel Co., Ltd. and POSCO were assigned the subsidy rate of 4.04% and 51.80%, respectively. All other South Korea’s producers and exporters will be subject to a CVD rate of 13.19%.

This sunset review was initiated on June 1, 2021.     

Source : Yieh