India extends Chinese seamless pipe anti-dumping duty

Posted on 03 November 2021

The Indian government has extended for five years the definitive anti-dumping duty on seamless tubes and pipes originating or exported from China, effective 28 October. This follows the recommendations of the Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR) in its final findings on the sunset review investigations initiated in February.

DGTR recommended continued imposition of the anti-dumping duty for five years in July, Kallanish notes. Existing anti-dumping duties, initially lobbied for by ISMT Limited and Jindal SAW, were due to expire in October.

The products fall under HS code headings 73041910, 73041990, 73042990, 73043119, 73043129, 73043139 and 73043919. Also included are 73043931, 73043939, 73044900, 73045110, 73045910, 73045930, 73041920, 73043111, 73043131, 73043929, 73045920 and 7304900.

The latest anti-dumping duty will vary depending on the landed value. It has been pegged as the difference between landed value and the amount notified by the Revenue Department – ranging from $961.33 to $1,610.67/tonne. The department ordered the duties will have to be paid in rupees equivalent to USD, during the time of imports.

Source : Kallanish