Japan’s Chiyoda Steel replaces electric arc furnace

Posted on 08 January 2021

Japanese steel products producer Chiyoda Steel has completed a replacement of an electric arc furnace (EAF) at its Ayase plant in Tokyo, targeting to reduce electricity use and associated carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Chiyoda yesterday commissioned the new EAF at Ayase, which produces 480,000 t/yr of steel bars. The company halted the previous EAF in late November last year ahead of the firm's first EAF renewal in 50 years.

The furnace has been replaced with a new EAF developed by Japanese special steel producer Daido Steel to improve fuel efficiency and cut CO2 emissions using furnace body rotation mechanisms to remove cold spots and eliminate melting residue without the use of auxiliary burners. The EAF named Starq is expected to reduce power consumption by almost 5pc from conventional EAFs.

Daido commissioned the first Startq EAF at its Chita plant in 2013. The company plans to gradually replace three other existing EAFs at Chita with furnace body rotating mechanisms. It has also begun designing and construction services for these EAFs, with another scheduled for commissioning next year following Chiyoda's EAF this year.

Chiyoda has two plants at Ayase and Chiba's Ichikawa. The firm in August last year replaced its 60,000 t/yr steel sheet colour coating line at Ichikawa.

Japanese demand for steel products is projected to remain pressured by the impact of Covid-19 during January-March. The country's crude steel production is also on a steady recovery, with EAF-based output at 2mn t in November compared with a June 2020 low of 1.5mn t.

Source : Argus