Two Danieli 1200-mm-dia bloom caster projects under execution in China

Posted on 26 November 2021

Danieli was awarded two contracts to supply brand-new, large-round continuous casting machines to Chinese steelmakers Chengde Jianlong and Jiangsu Yonggang, to meet the growing demand of components required by the power-generation industry, worldwide.

The 18-m radius casters will be able to produce large round sections from 700 to 1200 mm dia, with total production capacities exceeding 1 Mtpy.

1200-mm-dia blooms will become the largest continuously cast sections in the world.

Danieli jumbo caster technology foresees the intensive use of electromagnetic stirring systems –mould, strand and final– that ensure best internal quality with very low values of carbon segregation and central porosity, for a wide range of steel grades dedicated to power generation.

The combined application of the innovative, patented “Q-DTC – Dual Temperature Control system” and the new “High-force withdrawal and straightening modules” will guarantee smooth product unbending to maximize surface quality, and safe and reliable operations during the casting process.

The startup of the four-strand jumbo bloom caster for Jiangsu Yonggang is scheduled for January 2022, whilst the three-strand jumbo caster for Chengde Jianlong is foreseen starting a few months later, in April.

Source : Danieli