Vietnam extends duties on Chinese, Korean coated steel

Posted on 27 April 2021

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam issued Resolution No. 1283/QD-BCT last week, releasing the conclusion of the final anti-dumping review into imports of color-coated steel sheets originating in China and South Korea. Imports of the product from these two countries will continue to be subject to anti-dumping duties in Vietnam.

Chinese exporters will face anti-dumping duties ranging from 2.56% to 34.27%, while South Korean exporters will face tax rates ranging from 4.95% to 19.25%, Kallanish notes. The targeted products are classified under HS codes 7210.70.11, 7210.70.19, 7210.70.91, 7210.70.99, 7212.40.11, 7212.40.12, 7212.40.19, 7212.40.91, 7212.40.92, 7212.40.99, 7225.99.90, 7226.99.19 and 7226.99.99. The Ministry added 7226.99.19 into the targeted products in the latest review. Some special colour-coated steel products which Vietnam cannot produce by itself are exempted from the anti-dumping measures. These include PCM and VCM products used to produce refrigerators and consumer electronics products and PVDF products for thermal power plants.

Vietnam started the first investigation on these products from 2018, and has imposed duties since 2019. 

The new duties took effect on 25 April.

Kallanish data shows that Vietnam's imports of these products from China was 517,526 tonnes in 2018, 519,800 tonnes in 2019, 453,335 tonnes in 2020, accounting for about 88%, 89% and 84% of Vietnam's total imports in each year. The imports by the end of March 2021 were almost unchanged from Q1 2020, at 105,868t.

Imports from South Korea accounted for 7.6% 7.1% and 10% of Vietnamese imports of these products over 2018-2020, with 44,807t, 41,660t and 11,788t eaach year. The imports by the end of March 2021 increased from 117,242t in Q1 2020 to 124,220t.

Source : Kallanish