AISI Applauded Steel Caucus Push to Protect Steel Tariffs

Posted on 09 February 2021

The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) applauded the Congressional Steel Caucus for its push to preserve tariffs and quotas of imported foreign steel. A statement to this effect was issued by the Institute’s president and CE, Kevin Dempsey, in which it appreciated the efforts of the Caucus members in sending a letter to President Joe Biden.

Dempsey noted that the AISI is grateful that the Congress members have championed the American steel industry and its workers. He appreciated the bipartisan group of 51 members of Congress led by Steel Caucus Co-Chairmen Reps. Conor Lamb and Frank J. Mrvan, and Co-Vice-Chairmen Reps. Mike Bost and Rick Crawford for sending a compelling letter to the President highlighting the negative impacts of unfairly traded imports and global steel overcapacity.

The letter had also mentioned that steel tariffs and quotas have resulted in significant reduction of foreign steel imports. They have decreased overall steel imports by 8%, it quoted.

According to AISI, the industry is prepared to meet the challenges that lie ahead, but it needs support in terms of tools to fight trade distorting practices that threaten the industry. Steel is the backbone of the country’s economy, it added.

Source : Scrap Monster