Tata Steel Announced New Initiative to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Posted on 07 January 2021

Leading Indian steelmaker Tata Steel, in collaboration with CII Green Business Centre and other steel industry stakeholders, developed new GreenPro framework for steel rebars. This is the first-of-its-kind initiative in the country, which is expected to reduce the carbon footprint by the steel sector.

The framework offers Ecolabel programme, which will help end-users to select steel products having the lowest environmental impact. Incidentally, the products with the GreenPro label are assured to be made of the highest quality standards.

The products containing GreenPro label are also recognized in Indian Green Building Council’s (IGBC’s) green building rating system. Till date, over 125 manufacturing companies have adopted GreenPro Ecolabel for as many as 1,800 building materials available in the market.

K.S. Venkatagiri of CII noted that the implementation of green measures by rerolling mills and steel manufacturers would result in market transformation in the production and consumption of steel in the country. Meantime, Sanjiv Paul of Tata Steel commented that the company is committed to take leadership in incorporating green measures in all of its products at the earliest. GreenPro rebars is a step forward towards promotion of sustainable future.

Source : Scrap Monster