High-Speed Bar Mill For Yunnan Qujing Chenggang Steel Products

Posted on 11 November 2019

 Yunnan Qujing Chenggang Steel Products placed an important order with Danieli for a new, high-speed bar mill to produce 1.2 Mtpy.

The final products will be 8 to 40-mm dia rebar and round bar, for grades HRBF 400E - 500E, produced at rates of up to 200 tph, starting with 165-mm billet with a weight of 2,500kg. The main equipment to be installed includes four SHS housingless stands followed by two sixpass wirerod block and for a big size additional two SHS stands.


Through an advanced multi-strand slit-rolling system, rebars from 8 to 22 mm will be rolled on two strands at finishing speeds of up to 45 mps. The plant is completed with on-line water-cooling system, double HTC-High-speed Twin Channel system, 120x14-m cooling bed.


Source: Danieli News

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