Q-Melt Automatic Furnace

Posted on 27 September 2019

Running the EAF melting process automatically in a stable and dynamic manner: industry 4.0 meets steelmaking

To face market challenges with increased competitiveness through optimized performances, Danieli has developed its Q-Melt® Dynamic Heat Suite, the latest evolution of the EAF concept for automatic control of each stage of the EAF melting process.

The core of the Q-MELT Automatic Furnace is the MELT-MODEL. It interacts continuously with the Q-REG electrode regulator and the LINDARC gas analyzer to control operating conditions. By processing chemical and/or electrical profiles it makes the necessary adjustments to the process, dynamically, and automatically, according to the best possible practice. The impact on both productivity and energy consumption -, in other words on OpEx – is immediate and clear.


Q-MELT: an adaptive process control

The application (Melt Model) implements a statistical approach to identify process deviations in real time. A process “fingerprint” represents the expected process behavior of the heat, and compares the real-time to the expected trend, performing an adaptive process control.


Source: Danieli News

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