SSAB Borlänge Rolls the First Transfer Bar with Good Results after Conversion of The Hot Strip Mill by SMS Group

Posted on 30 September 2019

SSAB in Borlänge, Sweden, has rolled the first transfer bar on July 24, 2019, after conversion of the side guides at hot-strip mill roughing stand R1 by SMS group in the summer shutdown 2019.

The modernization performed by SMS group was aimed at rolling wedge- and camber-free transfer bars and at stabilizing the strip run in the downstream process steps in the finishing train and the exit roller table including coiler.

To achieve these objectives, SMS group implemented the following scope of modernization in the hot strip mill: In addition to installing new hydraulic side guides at the roughing stand entry and exit ends, the pertaining X-Pact® level-1 automation including Roll Alignment Control (RAC) was provided and integrated into the existing basic automation systems. The side guides were reconstructed with the aid of several components already available at the hot strip mill. The new and strong hydraulic side guides in the roughing mill stand entry and exit sections serve for slab respectively transfer bar centering, with simultaneous positioning of the hydraulically operated horizontal adjustments at the roughing mill stand, and allow wedges in the thickness profile to be compensated and hence cambers to be prevented.

The contracted scope of SMS group also included a new calibration unit for side guide setting and the valve stands. 

SSAB appreciated the smooth running of commissioning. Björn West from SSAB said: “We have taken another step forward thanks to the plant and process technology provided by SMS group. Now, we have a valuable tool available to effectively and efficiently improve the transfer bar geometry and hence to advance the rolling process as well as the final wide hot strip quality.”

Successful commissioning of hot strip mill at SSAB in Borlänge

Source: SMS Press Release

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