Systems Spray-Cooled receives order from Big River Steel

Posted on 02 July 2019

Nashville, TN -- Systems Spray-Cooled received additional orders from Big River Steel and the SMS Group for the installation and maintenance of Spray-Cooled ™ equipment at Big River Steel’s steelmaking facility located in Osceola, Arkansas.  As part of its recently announced Phase 2 expansion, Big River Steel is installing a second electric arc furnace. 

The Spray-Cooled ™ equipment will cover 100% of Big River Steel’s furnace cooling needs and will include the furnace sidewall, roof, elbow and off-gas duct work.  Big River Steel’s decision to again purchase and install Spray-Cooled ™ equipment was based on the success of the Spray-Cooled ™ equipment already installed and maintained by Systems Spray-Cooled.


Source: Systems Spray Cooled Press Release

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