Celebrating 50 Years of Steel Production at Badische Group

Posted on 12 December 2018

In 1968, BSW started to produce reinforcement steel in Kehl (Ger many) with an installed capacity of- 0,3 million tons per year. Nowadays, 50years later, BSW produces more than 2,2 million tons per year with virtually the same basic conditions, thus being a benchmark for high productive and successful steelmaking. 

The development of the annual production can be categorised into three main phases:

Moderate growth until 1981 (reaching the initial design capacity in 1971), Start of comprehensive training programme in 1982, followed by a long phase of substantial growth, characterised by continuous training and process improvement as well as successive investment in new technology and equipment. Since 2009 phase of global overcapacity with BSW focussing on high productivity and efciency.

But how is it possible to reach this overall increase of productivity and efciency on a peninsula with an area of only 130.000 m2?
BSW consequently applies the so-called “Badische Philosophy” (a special version of the infamous mini-mill culture) comprising the following principles:
- Simple and reliable equipment
- Focus on consistency of efciency
- The human factor: “Steel is made by people!”
- Continuous improvement and investment in people
- Environmental friendly production
- Optimum logistics and material flow
- Clear and integrated investment programme

The “Badische Philosophy” can be employed for any kind of manufacturing business. That is why BSE came into play few years later, when BSE was founded in 1983: One of the most efciently operating EAF steel plants turned its technology development and management culture into a proft centre of its own. For 35 years, BSE has been offering its consulting and technology know-how to steel producers all around the world. BSE and BSW are located closely from each other in terms of distance, and the experts of both companies work closely together on all hierarchy levels. Therefore, the bridge over the river Kinzig is not only a mere information highway, but a true “expertise connection”.  


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