Ideal solutions: Baosteel Meishan takes 6 AUMUND Rotary Discharge Machines for silo extraction

Posted on 15 September 2017

In  a  determined  move towards  environmental  protection in  a  variety  of industries,  open  stockpiles  are increasingly  being replaced  by  covered longitudinal  or  circular  storage  halls  or  silos.  Following  this  trend, Baosteel  Meishan  has  placed  an  order  for  four  AUMUND  rotary discharge machines BEW type LOUISE to extract coal from the silos as well  as  two  additional  AUMUND  machines  to  extract  coke  from  the covered coke storage. 

AUMUND Rotary Discharge Machine BEW type LOUISE, block design with two discharge arms (illustration AUMUND)
The coal silos, each 21 m in diameter and 33 m tall, are arranged in two rows of 13. The machines which travel under these silos are designed with two discharge arms, permitting them to travel under all silos even if material is not being extracted.
The two other machines under the longitudinal storage for coke are of the same type, but will each have six discharge arms to maximise their service life. To combat the large amount of dust that is often produced when coke in particular is extracted, four of the machines will be equipped with the
additional feature of a specially adapted dust suppression unit which sprays a fine mist of water to bind and control the dust.

As well as improvements in environmental protection, efficiency is another consideration which has led to the modernisation of the plant, as the high-volume silos take up the same surface area as the previous stockpile solution, but can hold four to five times as much material. “Over the past few years we have carried out optimisations of conveying systems for a range of customer requirements in the steel and energy producing industries”, says Dr Rainer Bertling, Sales Director of the Metallurgy Division at AUMUND Fördertechnik.

AUMUND Rotary Discharge Machine BEW type LOUISE, block design with two discharge arms (illustration AUMUND)

Source: Aumund News

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