Evraz ZSMK to improve VD performances by Danieli technological packages

Posted on 14 September 2017

Q-TEMP VD will increase vacuum-degassing flexibility and process control

EVRAZ ZSMK (Russia, Novokuznetsk) has awarded Danieli Centro Met with an order for the Q-TEMP VD Technological Package, which will enable continuous liquid steel temperature monitoring in the existing VD unit without the necessity of vacuum killing. This will ensure constant increased temperature measurement quality, reducing treatment cycle and increasing VD productivity.

Q-TEMP VD is designed to perform the continuous contactless temperature monitoring and provide continuous liquid steel temperature estimation during entire vacuum process.

The system is comprised of a dedicated thermal camera combined with an advanced automation system based on a neural network providing precise, high-temperature measurement, reliability and repeatability. The installation of this technological package will reduce the utilization of thermocouples, thus contributing to OpEx reduction.

Q-TEMP VD can be installed on any new or existing vacuum degasser.

Source: Danieli News and Events

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