Upgrade for wirerod coil handling and compacting at AEMZ, Russia

Posted on 04 September 2017

A second compactor will be added to the existing Sund Birsta handling system

AEMZ - Abinsk Electric Steel Works Ltd., has ordered a second coil compactor from Sund Birsta. The purpose of the investment is to secure its coils with 8 bindings, as per market request. The new equipment will be installed by the beginning of 2018 on the wirerod mill supplied by Danieli in 2015.

The Sund Birsta Alfa Compactor features both hydraulic and electric functions for best performances. The well-proven KNB hydraulic binding units will apply the strong and reliable parallel knots for which Sund Birsta is renowned.

Furthermore, a new KNB-type binding machine for loose wrapping also will be installed in the bar mill storage area. This machine will complete 1 to 7 wraps in automatic mode.

Sund Birsta has supplied over 500 coil compactors, worldwide.

Source: Danieli News and Events

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