Danieli bar-in-coil technology for special steels

Posted on 06 July 2017

Two more orders to improve product quality and performances in special engineering and stainless steel plants

Danieli bar-in-coil technology provides superior finished products in terms of coil shape/size and surface quality, thanks to its advanced design and feeding/delivery equipment. In-line coil heat treatment makes direct supplies to final users possible, eliminating / minimizing the need of traditional off-line downstream processes.

ABS Italy ordered a new rotary dividing/cutting shear, new coilers and controlled cooling systems, as well as coil handling and vertical compacting/tying units, to integrate the mill supplied by Danieli in 2000. 
This will enable ABS to expand its original product range of rounds from 15 to 50 mm into 12.6 to 63 mm diameter, in master coil weights up to 4.5 ton, as well as to fully exploit the 120 tph capacity of the mill.

Chinese Changcheng Special Steel ordered a new bar-in-coil line to be installed along its SBQ line at Sichuan, to produce martensitic stainless steel coils with 20 to 40-mm-diameter bars wound at 13 mps, in coils weighing up to 2.1 ton.

Seventy leading steelmakers worldwide benefit from Danieli’s advanced bar-in-coil solutions.

Source: Danieli News and Events

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