Walsin Lihwa trusts in peeling machine technology from SMS group

Posted on 01 June 2017

High-performance peeling machine for stainless steel bars

Peeling of bright steel bars of finished diameters of up to 160 mm at diameter tolerances up to IT9.


Taiwanese stainless steel bar producer Walsin Lihwa Corp., based in Yenshui, Taiwan, has awarded SMS group a contract for the supply of a new high-performance peeling machine, type PM160, for stainless steel bars.

The new peeling machine, which is from SMS group’s most powerful peeling machine series, allows bright bars with finished diameters of up to 160 millimeters to be peeled at diameter tolerances up to IT9 and with excellent peeled surface. SMS group’s scope of supply includes all bar handling equipment as well as a special bar end chamfering/facing machine.

With this new investment, Walsin Lihwa Corp. will significantly increase its capacity and expand the diameter range for peeled stainless bars from currently 80 millimeters to up to 160 millimeters.

This machine will be the first peeler of the PM series supplied by SMS group to Taiwan. Commissioning of the new equipment is scheduled for January 2018.

SMS group was selected as supplier due to its comprehensive experience in the field of bar peeling machines and the fact that the proposed technology will meet Walsin Lihwa’s exacting technological and quality requirements.

Source: SMS Press Releases

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