Saarstahl’s Neunkirchen Works produces with new wire rod outlet

Posted on 20 February 2017

Improved rolling tolerances and higher quality of wire rod

Saarstahl AG, Germany, has successfully rolled the first bar on the single-strand wire rod mill supplied by SMS group at its Neunkirchen Works.

After the new loop cooling section had been commissioned on schedule at the beginning of 2016 as part of the first construction phase, the second phase of construction has now also been successfully completed so that dimensions from 14 to 27 millimeters in diameter can now be finish-rolled on a MEERdrive®PLUS block. On the second day, 16-millimeters-diameter wire rod was already being rolled with a tolerance of ± 0.05 millimeters. The first defined objective of the new wire rod outlet, namely closer tolerances for the wire rod dimensions, was thus achieved. This second construction phase represented the most extensive modernization step. The heart of the installation is a four-stand MEERdrive®PLUS block with quick-change facility that rolls finished dimensions from 5.5 to 27 millimeters in diameter. Together with new movable cooling sections, a high-speed shear upline of the MEERdrive®PLUS block and two movable loop laying heads, Saarstahl can now react faster and more flexibly to the demands of its customers.

The new loop cooling conveyor with 3-fan technology and the cooling and equalizing sections now allow the mechanical properties to be influenced online, with a resulting improvement in the quality of the finished material.

Revamping of the wire rod mill will be completed in the third construction phase with the repositioning of the existing ten-stand finishing block with upline shear during the course of 2017. All dimensions above 5.5 millimeters in diameter can then be finish-rolled on the MEERdrive®PLUS block.

Dimensions in the diameter range from 14 to 27 millimeters can now be finish-rolled on a MEERdrive®PLUS block.

Source: SMS Press Releases

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