Paul Wurth To Supply Key Technologies For EVRAZ New Blast Furnace At Nizhnij Tagil

Posted on 08 November 2016

For the development and balancing of their hot metal capacities at NTMK, Nizhnij Tagil, Russia, the EVRAZ Group has recently decided in favour of building a new blast furnace which will become the No.7 unit at this site. It will be of similar design as the existing No.5 and No.6 furnaces. At a hearth diameter of 9.8 meters and an inner volume of 2,200 cubic meters, with 22 tuyeres and 2 tapholes, each unit can produce 2.5 million tons of hot metal per year. Thus, the EVRAZ-NTMK blast furnaces are some of the ironmaking units with the highest specific production rates worldwide. EVRAZ plans to commission the new BF 7 in 2018. The new ironmaking plant configuration will allow full steel production even during periodical repairs of the one or other of the blast furnaces.

EVRAZ-NTMK and Paul Wurth have now signed contracts for the design and supply of technology and key equipment which will ensure reproducible operations and support a long campaign for this modern furnace. This includes a parallel hopper Bell Less Top charging system, the hearth refractory lining with a ceramic cup and two sets of fully hydraulic tapping machinery. As shown at NTMK’s No.6 and No.5 furnaces since 2004, vertical copper stave coolers in the high-heat loaded bosh, belly and stack area will repeat their successful application in an evaporative cooling system. The BF top gas cleaning plant with axial cyclone and annular gap scrubber as well as the de-dusting systems for stockhouse and casthouse will ensure a minimum of environmental impact and a maximum of material return to the main process route.

Source: Paul Wurth News & Media

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