Steel Dynamics chooses Danieli for a revamping project at Butler facility

Posted on 04 November 2016

New cleaning section and post-treatment coating machine for galvanizing line No.1

Danieli Fata Hunter has been awarded two contracts by Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI) to supply a cleaning section and a post-treatment coating machine. Both the cleaning section and the coating machine are scheduled to be delivered in early 2017.

This upgrade will allow the line to process a larger variety of substrates and allow SDI to maintain its market leadership in the supply of high-quality, metallic coated steel.

The new cleaning section will process cold-rolled steel sheet with a maximum width of 64” (1950 mm) and a maximum base metal thickness of 0.165” (5 mm), at a maximum speed of 450 fpm (137 mpm).

Equipment design will include a “on the fly” changing system of brush and squeegee rolls, and special features for future additional waste-heat recovery capacity.

The new post-treatment horizontal coating machine (which will replace an existing one) features "bottom head roll out" to allow off-line roll changes, and "driveshaft roll-end quick disconnects" that do not require tools to engage and disengage. This upgrade will result in a significant increase in uptime for the line.

Headquartered in Fort Wayne,  Indiana, Steel Dynamics Inc. is one of the largest steel producers in the United States. SDI operates six steel mills, eight steel processing facilities, two iron production facilities, over 90 metals recycling centers, and six steel fabrication plants.

Over the last 10 years Danieli Fata Hunter has supplied three continuous coil coating lines to Steel Dynamics.

3D rendering of the Coil Coating Line being implemented at SDI Columbus facility

Source: Danieli News and Events

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