SMS group received FAC from Daehan Steel for modernizing the VCC® line in its rebar rolling mill

Posted on 25 October 2016

Higher cutting speed and more throughput in only five weeks

SMS group received the FAC from Daehan Steel Co., Ltd. for the modernization of the existing shear no. 3 in the VCC®-line (Vertical Compact Coiler) of the rebar mill in Pyeongtaek, South Korea.

The modernization project involved the replacement of the switch and the scrap guiding system of the existing shear no. 3 by new equip­ment. Thanks to a newly developed high-speed switch and the upgrade of the automation system, it was possible to implement head and tail end cropping at speeds of up to 35 meters per second with­out any major modification to the adjacent plant parts. The rolling mill supplied in 2011 was originally designed for maximum cropping speeds of 15 meters per second. Due to the modernization of the VCC®-line, Daehan Steel is now able to increase the throughput to 70 tons per hour.

For this plant the new switch was constructed and delivered in just five weeks and only three days were needed for subsequent assem­bly and commissioning. The solution based on the Plug & Work principle, the reduced investment costs and a short delivery time were decisive factors for the implementation of this project.

VCC®-line (Vertical Compact Coiler) at Daehan Steel Co., Ltd., in Pyeongtaek, South Korea achieves a throughput of 70 tons per hour.

Source: SMS Press Releases

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