INTECO to build new mini mill for Gloria

Posted on 21 October 2016

Taiwan’s Gloria Material Technology Corp. awarded INTECO with the engineering and supply of a new mini mill for the production of 180,000 t/y of special steel quality and the revamping of the existing 35t plant.

After several years of serious and detailed negotiations it finally is time to celebrate for INTECO: On 7th of October Gloria officially signed the contract with INTECO for a new mini mill project with a contractual scope that is not only remarkable but also unique and which will set new standards both in productivity and quality. INTECO will be responsible for engineering and supply of an Electric Arc Furnace, a Secondary Metallurgy Unit consisting of an AOD, Ladle Furnace and VD/VOD as well as a casting area including two Segment Casters (410mm to 1,200 mm round), Advanced Teeming System (ATS) and ingot casting with casting car for ingots up to 50t. In addition auxiliary equipment such as a scrap yard, material handling- and fumes treatment system plus INTECO’s well known automation system for Level 2 IMAS will also be delivered by INTECO.

The revamping of the existing facility at Gloria will include major modifications to the EAF as well as some interventions to the existing Ladle Furnace and Fumes Treatment system. Of course also this plant will be equipped with a new INTECO Level 2 automation system sharing all data with the new melt shop.

Proud about this great success, which underlines our efforts and the high quality work of the past years, INTECO’s engineers are more than ready for the kick-off of this record breaking project. After the completion of the detail engineering the start of assembly at the customer’s site is planned for spring 2018.


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