The Innovative Danieli X-JET Air Knives for Hoa Sen Group, Vietnam

Posted on 12 September 2016

New HDGL coating system to improve operating cost, quality and productivity

The target of increasing production and producing export quality to broaden its market share led Hoa Sen to choose Danieli technologies.

The modernization of the HDGL will focus on furnace and zinc wiping systems.

A new furnace snout and post pot cooling will be supplied while furnace controls will be improved significantly through the installation of new instrumentation and of a new process control program featuring modern interfaces.

The existing roll and wiping equipment will be replaced by Danieli Kohler technological equipment, including the well-known high-performance X-JET air knives.

The X-JETs enable 20 to 25% higher production speed (for the same coating weight) and/or less zinc consumption (15 to 20% lighter zinc coating at the same line speed). The improved coating uniformity will result in additional zinc savings.

The new minimum achievable coating standards will be 80 g/m2 for GI and 40 g/m2 for GL (total both sides) at full line speed of 180 m/min. Coatings as low as 60 g/m2 for GI and 30 g/m2 for GL (total both sides) will be made at reduced speed.

The combination of improved furnace performance and superior wiping/roll equipment will reduce coating defects and improve overall yield and quality.

The commissioning of the upgraded line is scheduled for January 2017.

X-JET technology is available on all new Danieli HDGLs and as a technological package to upgrade any existing line.

Source: Danieli News and Events

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