WISDRI Wins the Bid for Pig Molding Machine Project of EVRAZ ZSMK

Posted on 17 August 2016

On June 29th, 2016, WISDRI received the Letter of Acceptance of the pig molding machine EP Project of EVRAZ ZSMK, which marked the another cooperation between WISDRI and EVRAZ, one of the largest iron and steel groups in Russia.

WISDRI will provide technical services such as the design, supply and guidance on installation and commissioning of a 61m stationary pig molding machine with double chain and rollers for ZSMK. With a capacity of 170t/h, the new pig molding machine, working with the existing blast furnace and convertor, will play an important role in relieving capacity insufficiency of existing pig molding machines, reducing maintenance time, enhancing productivity and improving the environment of surrounding area.

As a major united iron and steel group in Russia, EVRAZ divides its business into resource sector, iron and steel sector, Vanadium product sector and trade and logistics sector, etc. with its assets from Russia, Ukraine, United States, Canada, Czech, Italy, Kazakhstan and South Africa. In 2015, EVRAZ has reached a capacity of 14.3 million tons of steel and achieved fully independent supply of iron ore and coking coal.

Source: Wisdri News

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