New Danieli Olivotto Ferrè heat treatment furnace for bars to be supplied to top quality steel producer ABS

Posted on 27 July 2016

An important step forward in heat treatment technology

In February 2015, Accaierie Bertoli Safau (ABS) appointed Danieli Olivotto Ferrè, with the contract for the engineering, manufacturing, and installation of a new facility for bar heat treatment at the Cargnacco steel works.
The facility was requested to anneal, temper, normalize and stress relieve 6000 tonnes per month of a wide range of bar profiles, from smaller bar bundles (25mm) up to single 600 mm diameter bars.
Lenghts are variable ranging from 3 to 14 m while all steel grades are converted, from low carbon steels to high alloy steel.

The line consists of six bases and two  direct firing lift-off type funrnaces that function by means of burners fed with natural gas; two lift-off cooiling hoods incorporating a cooling system; a crane for lift-off handling; a waste gas exhaust system  including six damper valves and ducts to one common natural draught chimney; an electrical power dostribution system and a Level 1 control system supplied by Danieli Automation.

Important technological improvements were made using a client-led approach; low fuel consuption with low pollution emissions. Improved chamber temperature uniformity in order to achieve Furnace Certification AMS 2750 was also implemented into plant design.

The project leaves room for future expansion since the modular batch design includes high efficiency and state-of-the art combustion technology.
User-friendly loading procedures and bar positioning, easy access for inspection and maintenance also give rise to a safer plant.
Annealing and normalizing cycles demonstrated a 20-30% decrease in gas consumption compared with previous generation furnaces (at the very start of the commissioning phase).


Source: Danieli News and Events

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