Start of Commercial Operations of Hot Skin Pass Mill Line and Super Cold Plate Leveler at Dangjin Plant of Hyundai Steel Company

Posted on 14 June 2016
JP Steel Plantech Co. (President and Representative Director: Iwao Hanzawa) has announced the start of the commercial operations of the No. 5 Hot Skin Pass Mill Line (hereafter, the “Skin Pass Mill”) and the Super Cold Plate Leveler (hereafter, the “Cold Leveler”) that were delivered to Hyundai Steel Company in South Korea (Head Office: Seoul). The commercial operation of the Skin Pass Mill commenced in January this year, and that of the Cold Leveler began in February this year.
With regard to the Skin Pass Mill, JP Steel Plantech proposed a combination of a skin pass mill featuring a rolling force of 1,700 tons and a tension leveler with the highest-level tension, as a dedicated line for High-Strength Steel, to respond to the recent technological needs for Super High-Tensile Steel for automobile sheet. Hyundai Steel Company adopted the proposal mainly because its parent company is Hyundai Motor Company, Hyundai Steel Company requires higher strength steel, that is, Super High-Strength Steel of 80K to 120K. The equipment delivered by JP Steel Plantech has already started contributing to quality improvement at Hyundai Steel Company.
Concerning the Cold Leveler, Hyundai Steel Company has adopted the Dynamic Crown type 4th Generation Leveler, an exclusive technology of JP Steel Plantech that is highly evaluated by its customers all over the world. In addition to the conventional roll carriage with 9 rolls, the company has adopted one with 7 rolls as a new technology that enables leveling of 60 mm to 80 mm ultra-thick plates. Capable of leveling those ultra-thick plates, which would be produced by press machines, the plate leveler from JP Steel Plantech has begun contributing to streamlining the customer’s production in multiple aspects, including not only production efficiency but also quality improvement such as the improvement of flatness and the elimination of residual stress.
Having completed the integrated blast furnace steel mill in Dangjin, Hyundai Steel Company has now entered a phase of increasing the added value of its main products. JP Steel Plantech will ensure that its unique technologies cater to these needs and will build a Win-Win relationship with Hyundai Steel Company to strengthen its ties with the customer company.

Source: Steel Plantech Press Release

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