Special steel producer in Shandong province assigns order to Danieli CentroMet for a brand-new large round bloom caster

Posted on 30 June 2016

A special steel producer from China’s Shandong province has entrusted Danieli for the supply of a new two-strand caster for the production of high alloyed grades on large sections – marking Danieli once again the preferred supplier for such highly technological machines

The new CCM for will have two strands and a nominal radius of 16.5m – this will allow it to cast quality low and medium carbon structure steel on sections with diameter 600, 700 and 800mm.

The design annual productivity of this caster allows for an of over 450,000 tons; achievable thanks to some of the latest technological advancement on the market like the hydraulic bloom oscillator with dynamic parameter control; a soft mould and secondary cooling system to prevent crack formation; mould and final stirring stirring designed to improve overall quality, reduce crack formation and central porosity. The caster will be designed for future installation of a strand stirrer to take into account the trend of the ever-more demanding local and global market. Lastly, the progressive unbending through nine pinching modules, will ensure optimal product shape while avoiding any surface or central cracks.

Danieli Automation will supply the Level 1 and Level 2, as well as the first Q-Pulpit ever installed on a long product caster in China. With such advanced control, the client will be able to manage the plant in a safe and autonomous way with one operator taking control of the whole machine. Such automation reduces the possibilities of errors while at the same time simplifying the overall management. Furthermore, the CCM will be equipped with Danieli’s Liquid Pool Control (LPC) to simulate live casting conditions, thus being able to manage the stirring systems to their full potentials in all casting situations, regardless of casting speeds, sections or grades – leading to premium quality blooms.

This machine will be Danieli’s latest addition on the scorecard of large bloom casters supplied over the years in China, which include clients such as Masteel, Laiwu, Huaigang, Jianlong and Baosteel. The plant start-up is scheduled for summer 2017.

Source: Danieli News and Events

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