Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Mass Spectrometer

Posted on 04 April 2012
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. recently introduced the Thermo Scientific Prima PRO, a next-generation process mass spectrometer for online gas analysis in iron and steel manufacturing applications. The Prima PRO provides real-time optimization of hot metal processes, said to result in increased throughput, consistent product quality, lower energy consumption, and enhanced process safety.

The Prima PRO is suitable for blast furnace optimization, gas analysis during basic oxygen steelmaking, electric arc furnace control, and coke oven gas analysis. Its advanced technology enables customers to replace discrete analyzers and provide fast, accurate, and comprehensive compositional analysis for multiple process streams, the company notes.
The Prima PRO is designed to decrease coke consumption in the blast furnace and increase yield during steel production by minimizing heat times and reducing the number of re-blows. It increases efficiencies within a steel plant, according to Thermo Fisher Scientific, by reducing maintenance requirements, eliminating the need for in-depth training and lowering the overall cost of ownership.
"We're confident the Prima PRO will set a new standard for real-time gas analysis. Steel manufacturers now have a level of process control many didn't realize was possible," said Pete Traynor, Product Manager for Thermo Fisher Scientific. "The system provides higher resolution for a number of variables, which gives our customers unprecedented process understanding. Ultimately, this leads to more effective monitoring of primary and secondary conversion methods as well as enhanced control strategies and operating procedures."

Source: Association for Iron and Steel Technology

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