Energiron DR Technology to Help Emirates Steel Boosts Green Profile

Posted on 06 November 2009
Emirates Steel's two new Energiron direct reduction plants will feature selective elimination of CO2 from the DR plants' off-gas stream, which will allow the company to commercialize CO2 as a DR plant by-product. This direct reduction process, including the selective capture of CO2 emissions, will make the new Emirates Steel plant in Abu Dhabi among the world's "greenest" steel mills. 
Tenova HYL and Danieli & C., partners in the development and sale of DR plants based on Energiron technology, currently have two plants underway at the Emirates Steel complex in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, UAE. The first plant, which is now operating, is a 1.6 million tonnes/year plant designed to feed the 1.4 million tonnes/year steel plant with hot DRI via the HYL HYTEMP System. The second plant, a mirror image of the first and part of a duplicate turnkey steelmaking installation, is scheduled to be put into operation during late 2011.
In its effort to help redefine steelmaking in the Gulf region, Emirates Steel's application of technology to capture and reuse CO2 emissions from its DR plant is considered to be a key accomplishment. A first of its type in the region, the Energiron plant uses a chemical absorption system to facilitate selective removal and capture of up to 50% of the total CO2 generated by the reduction process. In the case of Emirates Steel, this CO2 will be compressed and then pumped into oil wells (rather than natural gas) to boost oil production.   
Other plants already using this technology include the Ternium 4M plant in Monterrey, Mexico; the Ternium 2P plant in Puebla, Mexico; and the Welspun Maxsteel plant in India; these plants sell the captured and cleaned CO2 to local gas producers for resale to the beverage industry. The only Energiron DR plant which was still operating under the original process scheme (without CO2 absorption), ArcelorMittal, has also recently included CO2 removal technology at their 2 million tonnes/year HYL plant in Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico.
Emirates Steel expects to be able to commercialize at least 25% of the CO2 that would otherwise be emitted to the atmosphere.
Energiron is the innovative direct reduction technology jointly developed and marketed by Tenova HYL and Danieli & Co.
Tenova designs and supplies advanced technologies, products and services for the metals and mining industries. Tenova operates close to its customers through a network of 33 companies based on the 5 continents.
Emirates Steel, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Basic Industries Corp. (ADBIC), is wholly owned by General Holding Corp., an Abu Dhabi Government-owned company. Strategically located in the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD), Emirates Steel is the only integrated steel plant in the UAE, utilizing the latest rolling mill technology to produce reinforcing bar and wire rod.

Emirates Steel currently has an output capacity of 2 million tonnes, with capacity expected to reach 6.5 million tonnes by 2014.

Source: Association for Iron and Steel Technology

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