Posco-Nippon Steel Joint Venture Completes RHF Factory

Posted on 02 December 2009
Posco-Nippon Steel RHF Joint Venture, Co., Ltd. (PNR) recently completed construction of the Pohang-Gwangyang Rotary Hearth Furnace (RHF) factory.

The RHF factories constructed in the dump area of Pohang-Gwangyang Steelworks will utilize dust and sludge—byproducts of steel manufacturing—to produce 280,000 tonnes (Pohang and Gwangyang 140,000 tonnes, respectively) of direct reduced iron (DRI) and hot briquetted iron (HBI). Most of the HBI products produced by the Pohang RHF factory will be exported to Nippon Steel, while the DRI products manufactured at the Gwangyang RHF factory will be used entirely by Posco.

At the completion ceremony, Posco Chairman Joon-yang Chung asked for support and cooperation between Posco and Nippon Steel to place the Pohang-Gwangyang RHF factories into regular operation early.
PNR is a byproduct recycling corporation established between Posco and Nippon Steel, with shares of 70 to 30, respectively, as part of the strategic alliance between the two companies.

Source: Association for Iron and Steel Technology

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