Baosteel COREX-C3000 Project Awarded Luban Prize

Posted on 02 December 2009
The 2009 Luban Prize, which recognizes Chinese construction and engineering quality, was recently awarded to Baosteel Group Corp.’s Luojing Step One Project COREX-C3000 project, said to be the only winning large industrial project in Shanghai.
COREX-C3000 is reportedly the world's largest and China's first non-furnace iron-making project. Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Medium and Heavy Plate Branch and its engineering design, construction, supervision, and equipment purchasing units had outlined a "quality optimizing sketch" in the early phase of construction. The company established a three-level quality control network and implemented autonomous inspection systems to ensure a 100% pass rate of project units and above 95% one-pass rate of nondestructive detection for piping welding seams.
During appraisal, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development organized numerous specialists' investigations to Baosteel COREX-C3000 working sites. The specialists determined that the Luojing project makes a positive influence on sustainability and metallurgical industry standards, in addition to fulfilling the quality requirements of the prize.

Source: Association for Iron and Steel Technology

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