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Monthly compilations of news for the steel industry companies and events.

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SEAISI Quarterly Journal (SQJ)    

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SEAISI Quarterly Journal (SQJ)

Selection of the best technical papers presented in conferences and seminars. Also available on-line

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CONTENTS  (SEAISI Quarterly 2019 Vol. 48 No. 2)

The Improvement of Low Temperature CVN Toughness in Structural Pipes

N.Y. Yen, C.C. Huang, Y.T. Chang, C.E. Hsu


DANEASY: A Step ahead in OPEX. Maintenance Excellence for the Metals Industry

Alessandro Viviani


State for the Art: Design Construction and Rehabilitation of Steel Highway

Sukit Yindeesuk, Nutttaponsuttitam


The Valuable Contribution of Hot Dip Galvanizing to Sustainable Steel Construction

Peter Golding, Banu Nargis


Increasing the Safety and Reliability of the EAF: Installation of the EAF Roof Designed and Manufactured with Spray-CooledTM Technology

Fredrik Boman, Markus Abel, Scott Ferguson, Logan Wilson


Smart Steelmaking- A Step Towards a New Industrial Revolution

Bernhard Steenken, Oliver Linden


Optimization of Alloy/ Processing Design for Cost-Effective Production of Structural Steel Sections

Douglas G. Stalheim


Alternative Design of Shoring System Using H300 Rolled Section

Kyu-Sik Park


High Strength Steels in the Scope of Structural Applications

Stefan Herion

*The Editor and staff would like to thank the author/s who gave us permission in reprinting the articles

Statistical Yearbook    

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 Statistical Yearbook

Integrated reports on production, trade and consumption mainly for the member countries only.

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* Overview of Steel Consumption Pattern, Analysis of Steel Consumption in ASEAN Member Countries,
Scrap Demand in ASEAN Countries, Steel Structure *
PART 1 – Major Economic Indicators
PART 2 – Annual Statistics
Crude Steel Production
Total Production of Hot Rolled Steel Products
Total Production of Finished Products
Apparent Steel Consumption of Total Steel Products
Total Import of Iron & Steel Products
Total Export of Iron & Steel Products
PART 3 – Summary Tables
Commentary to the Summary Tables
Consumption Statistics
Import Statistics
Export Statistics
Summary Tables for ASEAN
PART 4 – Production, Consumption and Trade Statistics


by Country : Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea Rep. of, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam
PART 5 – Scrap Demand & Supply and Trade Statistics
Scrap Demand & Supply
Scrap Imports
Scrap Exports
PART 6 – Supplementary (Quarterly Crude Steel Production)

Country Reports and Conference Technical Papers    

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2018 Country Reports

Annual report produced by each of the member countries focusing on the steel industry performance, projects and forecasting.

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Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand,Vietnam

2018 Conference Technical Papers

Theme : "Innovating and Sustaning Competitiveness in ASEAN Steel Industry"

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SEAISI Directory    

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SEAISI Directory

List of members covering steel producers, plant suppliers, manufacturers, individual members and supporting bodies.

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Map of ASEAN Steel Industry   

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2016 Map of Iron and Steel Industry in ASEAN-6

(Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam)

Features included

  • 711 steel mills: location and product group categorization (including 135 steel fabricators and 124 steel service centers)
  • 28 iron ore mines: reserves, Fe content, iron ore production etc.
  • 45 major sea ports: location

Price : US$350 / copy for members ; US$450 / copy for non members (Postage charges for courier service: Asia Countries = US$45 ; Others = US$60)

Date Published : May 2016
Publisher : South East Asia Iron and Steel Institute
Map Size : 113cm x 79cm (44.5” x 31”)
Format: printed on art card 190gm with UV coating (soft copy is not available)

AIST Publications    

Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST) Publications

The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel
11th Edition, Steelmaking and Refining Volume (book & cd)
(Member: US$150.00; Non Member: US$200.00)

The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel
11th Edition, Ironmaking Volume (book & cd)
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The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel
11th Edition. Casting Volume (book & cd) (Member: US$150.00; Non Member: US$200.00)

Fundamental of Steel Product Physical Metallurgy (book)
(Member: US$110.00; Non Member: US$150.00)

Bar Steels: Steel Product manual (book)
(Member: US$40.00; Non Member: US$75.00)

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