Danieli high-speed, high-capacity bar mill technology for Luzhou Xinyang I&S

Posted on 30 March 2020

Source: Danieli

Currently in its engineering phase, the high-speed bar mill of Luzhou Xinyang I&S, China, will produce 1.4 Mtpy of rebar products in the range from 12- to 40-mm diameter, for grades HRBF 400E - 500E. Starting from 165-mm diameter billets weighing up to 2,500 kg, the new mill will operate at speeds up to 240 tph.

The main equipment to be installed includes four housingless stands followed by a split-rolling arrangement for finish rolling of different product ranges. For product sizes between 12 and 22 mm diameter there will be two lines, each with four-pass blocks operating at finishing speeds of up to 45mps.

Larger-diameter products will be rolled on a central line through two housingless stands.

A dual, high-speed twin-channel arrangement will complete the supply, to perform the fast discharge of the bars on the cooling bed.

The plant will be equipped with a water-cooling system for on-line cooling of bars, in order to obtain a final product with Ultra-Fine Grain (UFG) structure.

The high-speed technological equipment will be manufactured at Danieli HQ and will integrate the equipment supply manufactured by Danieli China.

First billet rolling is planned for the end of 2020. 

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