India to impose aluminium/zinc-coated flats anti-dumping duties

Posted on 27 February 2020

Source: Kallanish

India is likely to impose $13.07-173.10/tonne anti-dumping duties on imports of aluminium and zinc coated flat products originating in or exported from China, Vietnam and Korea. This follows a recommendation by India’s Directorate General Trade Remedies (DGTR) after it concluded its investigation launched last April, Kallanish notes.

The product under consideration (PUC) falls under HS codes 72106100, 72125090, 72259900 and 72269990, but is also being imported under other codes. The alloy of aluminium and zinc may contain one or more additional elements which in individual or in combination shall not exceed 3% by weight. The PUC does not include zinc coated flats without added aluminium, or colour-coated steel.

Compared to a base of 100 in the fiscal year through March 2016 (FY16), DGTR found sales of domestic industry were at 141 in FY18 and 169 in the period of investigation (POI), October 2017-September 2018. Imports from subject countries were 18,220 tonnes in FY16, 145,805t in FY18 and 209,676t in POI. Demand excluding captive consumption was at 193 in FY18 and 235 in POI – versus 100 in FY16. Imports therefore increased far quicker than domestic sales, DGTR says.

Vietnam, South Korea and China supplied 87,003t, 79,304t and 43,370t of the PUC respectively in POI. With the exception of South Korea, the landed prices of the subject goods were below the selling price of the domestic industry, DGTR says. Since demand showed a significant increase, it could not have been a factor behind domestic prices, it adds.

From South Korea, Dongbu Steel has been levied with a $13.07/t duty, Dongkuk Steel with $14.30/t, Posco and Posco Coated & Color Steel each with $56.96/t, and all other Korean mills with $84.47/t.

From Vietnam, Ton Dong A Corporation has been levied with $23.63/t, Hoa Sen Group with $46.87/t, Tay Nam Steel with $48.96/t, Nam Kim Steel with $81.30/t and all other mills with $173.10/t.

In China, Zhejiang Huada New Materials has been levied with $56.48/t and all other mills with $128.93/t. 

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