Vietnam makes sunset review of safeguard measures on semi-finished & finished products of alloy & non-alloy steel

Posted on 05 February 2020

Source: Yieh

It was reported that on February 4th, 2020, the World Trade Organization (WTO) Committee on Safeguards issued a notification on safeguard measures submitted by the Vietnam delegation on February 3rd.

On August 22nd, 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam launched the first sunset review investigation of the safeguard measures on semi-finished and finished products of alloy and non-alloy Steel.

The Vietnamese tax codes of the products involved are 7207.11.00, 7207.19.00, 7207.20.29, 7207.20.99, 7224.90.00, 7213.10.00, 7213.91.20, 7214.20.31, 7214.20.41, 7229.90.00, 7228.30.10, and 9811.00.00.

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