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Posted on 08 January 2020

Source: SEAISI
Greetings from SEAISI.   
At the end of November 2019, SEAISI Board of Directors approved the SEAISI Strategic Plan 2020. This plan is the result of brainstorming, analysis and discussion amongst the SEAISI Secretariat team during Q3 2019.
There are a few key areas that I would like to highlight to all readers. 
First, how does SEAISI add value to members?
 1. Monitor the Iron and Steel Industry Landscape and create awareness amongst members so that they understand the trends that impact or will impact the industry. 
 2. Collate, Analyse, Convert Data into Useful Information, to help members understand the implications of such information on the industry and businesses. We present our analysis, conclusions and analysis in our events as well as to various stakeholders.
 3. Bring Knowledge and Skills to Members, through events, activities and training programs. This is to help upgrade the workforce in the steel industry to the next level. SEAISI also explores new areas impacting the industry through special projects to bring new ideas to members in the industry.
 4. Support the Board, National Committees and All Other Committees, towards achieving the Vision, Mission and Objectives. SEAISI provides the platform that enables steel industry activities across the region.
Second, what is next for SEAISI? Working towards being “A World Class Steel Institute to contribute to sustainable steel value chain in ASEAN”, SEAISI will focus on the following for next year:
1. Digitalisation@SEAISI. The digitalisation effort aims to expand SEAISI’s services online so that SEAISI’s contents are more easily available to members. These include an online Library system, Online Store, Directory, Statistics and other SEAISI services. The online Library system, for example, will allow to access articles, journals and other materials which are previously not readily accessible. We will build our systems phase by phase to enhance our services to our members.
2. For the Conference and Exhibition, the Committee Members and SEAISI team are already working on bringing in more new and interesting content into the SEAISI Conference and Exhibition. We like to see the event being attended by more Senior Management Representatives as well as more delegates.
3. The SEAISI Forum focuses more on Steel Consuming Sectors, such as the Construction sector. The Committee Members and the SEAISI team are working on the formula make this as successful as the Conference. We will reveal more details as we firm up our plans for the Forum. So, stay tuned.
4. The Board of Directors also empowered the Committees to introduce more content, events and activities to further add value to members. Where practical, we will initiate special projects to gain insights into the regional steel industry and related matters.
5. SEAISI will continue to build and strengthen relationships with Partners such as associations, institutions and the academia, as part of our mission to educate and advocate sustainable development of the ASEAN steel value chain.
6. Lastly, but not the least, the SEAISI team will continue to improve our services and platform to be more effective and efficient.
While there are challenges to overcome, I believe SEAISI is in exciting times, that will see our services take step further. 
During my past involvement in SEAISI (prior to becoming the Secretary General), it was evident to me that participating in SEAISI event and activities has given me macro understanding and knowledge of the steel industry in the region, complementing my industry experience in so many aspects. So, for those who are interested in being part of the SEAISI team, please talk to your c ountry’s  National  Committee Secretary to see how you can get involved.
If you are unable to participate, and would like to give us some ideas or suggestions, please feel free to give us feedback at 
For the year that has gone by, SEAISI would like to thank our Directors, National Committees and Committee Members for all the effort and support that they have given to make all our events and activities successful. We thank all presenters, advertisers, sponsors, delegates and many others for participating in our events.
SEAISI will like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Be safe and see you next year!


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