POSCO International Completes Solar Power System on Manaung Island, Myanmar

Posted on 23 December 2019

Source: Business Korea

POSCO International announced on Dec. 19 that it has completed a photovoltaic power generation system on Manaung Island near the Myanmar Gas Field.

Manaung Island is home to more than 60,000 residents, but its power infrastructure is poor with only three small generators. This time, POSCO International set up a solar power system that combines a 500 kW solar power generation facility and 2,000 kWh energy storage system (ESS). The new facilities can stably supply electric power to about 1,000 households on Manaung Island 24 hours a day. The power supply is expected to enhance the operation of sanitation facilities such as public health centers and residents’ productivity in agriculture and fisheries, ultimately making a big improvement to their quality of life.

In particular, POSCO's highly corrosion-resistant POSMA steel sheets were applied to the photovoltaic module supporting structure of the photovoltaic facilities, which contributed to generating technological synergies among POSCO Group affiliates and enhancing POSCO Group's image, POSCO International explained. The completion of the power generation system was financially supported by the POSCO One Percent Sharing Foundation.

In addition, POSCO International's LNG Import Terminal Project involves building an LNG import terminal in Kyaukpyu, Myanmar where a land gas pipeline is located. The project is intended to maximize the utilization of the gas pipes and introduce LNG to Myanmar and China and sell gas in those countries.

Along with this project, Daewoo International is also planning to build a 500 MW or larger power plant that can utilize gas imported through Kyaukpyu LNG Import Terminal. It is promoting this project as an independent power producer (IPP). 

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