Taiwanese steel mills appeal government to remain AD duty on cold-rolled stainless steels from China & South Korea

Posted on 06 August 2019

Source: Yieh

According to the report, the Taiwanese government was scheduled to determine whether or not to continue levying the anti-dumping duty on imported stainless steel cold-rolled products from China and South Korea on August 13th. Some market participants suggested to levy tariffs on those countries in order to protect the domestic industry.

Recently, the anti-dumping sunset review conducted by the Taiwanese government had a result. The government thought that the Chinese and South Korea have sold products into Taiwan at lower prices, plus the Chinese government has encountered a trade conflict with the US, if Taiwan stopped to collect the tariffs, the situation of dumping would become more serious.

It was understood that the Taiwanese International Trade Commission (ITC) and the Ministry of Finance (MOF) both inclined to continue to impose tariffs.

The case would have a final result on August 13th.      

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