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Posted on 02 August 2019

Source: SEAISI
In the December 2018 issue of this Newsletter, I announced the new business plan of the Institute which was approved by the SEAISI Board at its 99th meeting in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on 25 November 2018.
To recap, the business plan encompasses the adoption of a set of new vision and mission statements for SEAISI, the alignment of new objectives to accomplish the mission and the identification of three strategic themes which will be the focus of SEAISI activities in the next few years.
In short, the new vision of SEAISI is to become “A world class steel institute to contribute to sustainable steel value chain in ASEAN” while its mission is “To educate and advocate sustainable development of ASEAN steel value chain, in partnership with global institutions and experts”. The three strategic themes are Construction – to promote new steel applications in construction; Sustainability – to advocate environmental sustainability in steel industry; and Digital – to educate steel industry in digital developments.
Since then, the secretariat has been working with some key stakeholders on the execution plan for the new initiatives as well as specific programmes and activities to realise the new vision, mission and objectives of SEAISI.

Some of the results of the work were presented/implemented at the 2019 SEAISI Conference & Exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand in June. A SEAISI corporate video on the new initiatives and business plan was shown on the opening day of the conference on 17 June 2019. There was also a dedicated session on Digital Developments, one of the three strategic themes. 

The conference also featured two special plenary sessions on themes related to the subject of sustainable steel value chain with a distinguished list of speakers and panel members.  The sessions were “Challenges & Opportunities before Steel Industry in a Rapidly Changing World” and “Value Creation in Steel Industry through Circular Economy Mindset”. As for Construction, this subject will be the main focus in the year-end event of the Institute i.e. the 2019 ASEAN Iron and Steel Sustainability Forum which will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia in November.

Other than the SEAISI corporate video, a revamped SEAISI website will also be launched soon. Both of these will, among other things, provide a platform for SEAISI to not only inform but also to engage with its members and non-members on matters relating to the new vision, mission, objectives and strategic themes of the Institute.

Other things that are currently being worked on include:

1. Compilation of a Directory of Retired/Semi-retired Experts in Steel Industry with the view of eventually  establishing a SEAISI Senior Expert Group (SSEG) which will serve as a platform to offer expert services to SEAISI member companies upon request. The experts will come not only from people who had been actively engaged in the works of the Institute through the SEAISI Board, committees and other areas and are now retired or semi-retired, but also international experts who are interested in contributing to the development of steel industry in South East Asia in one way or another.

2. Partnership with leading product/technology/service suppliers to provide customised courses/services/technical support that can help to improve the operations/performance of steel plants in ASEAN, particularly in areas that can contribute to sustainable steel value chain in the region.

In connection to the above, we would very much like to hear from members and non-members alike who are interested in working with us to take the iron and steel industry in ASEAN to the next level.


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