U.S. Raw Steel Output Soared 2%

Posted on 17 July 2019

Source: Scrap Monster

The U.S. weekly raw steel output reported modest surge during the week ended on July 13, 2019 over the previous week. This is in accordance with the latest weekly production statistics published by the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI). Also, the production for the week edged higher marginally when compared with the previous week.

The U.S. domestic raw steel production in the week ended July 13, 2019 totaled 1.867 million net tons (NT) at a capability utilization rate of 80.2%. It must be noted that the production had totaled only 1.838 million NT at a much lower capacity utilization rate of 78.4% during the corresponding week last year. Meantime, the production during the week increased marginally by 1.1% when compared with the prior week production of 1.847 million NT. The capacity utilization rate then was 79.4%.

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The adjusted year-to-date raw steel production by the country totaled 52.325 million NT through the week ended July 13, 2019. The production during this period surged higher by 5.2% over the previous year. The capability utilization rate too recorded notable jump to 81.1%. As per AISI data, the production had totaled only 49.756 million NT at a capability utilization rate of 77.0% during the corresponding year-to-date period in 2018.

The major producer was the Southern region, which accounted for nearly 38% of the country’s total weekly raw steel production. The region produced 709,000 NT of crude steel. The production by the other regions in thousands of net tons is as follows: North East-195, Midwest-205, Great Lakes-683 and Western-75. 

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