German rebar mills appear busy as summer approaches

Posted on 27 May 2019

Source: Kallanish

German rebar mills are heard asking for orders so they can plan their production for the early summer. This might be the last opportunity to order at still-low prices before books are filled and prices will be raised, sources suggest.

“One [… mill] actually asked me to hand in my orders, if I have any, by noon today,” one buyer tells Kallanish on Friday. Rebar mills may still have some leftover capacities, but summer will be the most active time for construction, so this intermediate deadline is not really surprising.

Construction has been booming so far this year in Germany, and will continue to do so, according to the country’s main trade associations. “Business was okay for us so far this year, but now we feel the momentum really picking up,” the buyer says, adding that he heard the same from other bending shops.

Base prices have flattened at around €260/tonne ($290/t), which is below the size extras of €265/t, so the full delivered price would be €525/t. A base price of €250/t was occasionally reported, too, possibly for 4-digit tonnages.

Another manager tells of a recent purchase at €530/t delivered from a central European mill. “They go by final delivered prices, not base prices – this is better for buyers who look for thin gauges, which normally cost more,” he explains. 

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