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Posted on 09 January 2019

Source: SEAISI
In my last month’s message, I reported that the SEAISI board, at its 99th meeting in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on 25 November 2018, approved and adopted a new business plan for the Institute. In this issue, I would like to elaborate a bit on the new SEAISI business plan.
The previous business plan was developed following a brainstorming workshop in Bangkok, Thailand in December 2007. After 11 years, it was felt that there was a need to take a relook at the SEAISI’s vision, mission and objective statements as well as review the scope, role and activities of SEAISI. A consulting firm, INSTAC Consulting, was engaged to undertake the preparatory work for a brainstorming workshop, including carrying out surveys to get inputs from key stakeholders and undertaking research and analysis on key megatrends and their impact on steel industry in ASEAN. The brainstorming workshop was subsequently organised on 1st & 2nd October 2018, coincidentally also in Bangkok, Thailand. The workshop, facilitated by INSTAC Consulting, was attended by a total of 17 participants comprising members of the SEAISI board, key committee members and senior staff from the secretariat.
A report on the findings and conclusions of the brainstorming workshop was prepared and presented to the SEAISI board as mentioned.  The main components of the new SEAISI business plan as approved by the board are summarised below:
Vision Statement

“A world-class steel institute to contribute to sustainable steel value chain in ASEAN” 

Mission Statement

“To educate and advocate sustainable development of ASEAN steel value chain, in partnership with global institutions and experts”



1. To provide statistical and economic information and analysis

2. To improve technology and operations

3. To facilitate sustainable investments and trade

4. To promote steel consumption and new applications

5. To improve technical and business skills of iron & steel industry personnel

6. To be the voice of steel industry before various stakeholders

7. To improve engagement and cooperation between industry, regulators and institutions


Priority Strategic Initiatives

1. Drive growth of steel applications in construction

2. Bring awareness of digital developments in steel industry

3. Improve environmental sustainability for South East Asian steel industry


In the next few months, we will be working on preparing detailed execution plan for the new initiatives as well as developing specific programmes and activities to realise the vision, mission and objectives of SEAISI.

In connection to the above, we welcome ideas and suggestions from the members of the Institute.






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