US ITC upholds Indian stainless bar duty

Posted on 30 August 2018

Source: Kallanish

The US International Trade Commission has decided to uphold its duties on imports of stainless steel bar from India and revoke its duties on the same from Brazil, Japan, and Spain, Kallanish reports.

The decisions come at the end of a routine five-year sunset review of anti-dumping duties. The commission has determined that revoking India's duties would likely lead to further dumping, while no such risk exists for Brazil, Japan, and Spain.

The commission's full report will be available by 2 October.

The original duties were put in place in 1994 and continued in subsequent sunset reviews. India's duty stands at 3.87-21.02%. Brazil's original duties were 19.43%; Japan's, 61.47%; and Spain's, 7.72-62.85%.

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